High Water and Power Out Text Alerts: How does it work?


NEW Blue Angel Advanced Text Notification cellular alarm

What if a sump pump could send the home owner a text message in the event of high water or power outage? Using M2M cellular technology, there is now a simple, reliable way for the home owner to receive a text message alert, which allows them to take action before flooding occurs.

With a traditional high water alarm, the home owner has to be at home to hear the audible alarm, and if you’re asleep on the 2nd floor, it is sometimes difficult hear. The next evolution in notification was for pump manufactureres to offer a land line auto dialer feature, that calls any telephone number to give an automated voice alert. As long as the home owner has a telephone jack in the basement near the sump, this option works great. Today, however, fewer and fewer households have traditional landline service, or it may be inconvenient to extend a phone jack to the basement area.

M2M (mobile-to-mobile) technology provides the solution to notify any cellular phone that has texting capability with a real-time text message alert. A float sensor is strapped to the discharge pipe of the sump, and positioned just above the primary sump pump. Should the primary pump fail, or if it is unable to keep up with the inflow of water, or if the power goes out, the float sensor is triggered and the device sends a text message alert from the basement, to a cell phone tower, (ie., the cellular network), to your mobile phone. Likewise, the home owner can send a text message to the unit at anytime to check on its status, offering further reassurance that all is well.

Plumbing professionals can now be among the first to offer this innovative new technology, that adds another layer of protection for the homeowner’s basement. Brought to you by Blue Angel Pumps, the Advanced Text Notification cellular alarm works with any brand of sump pump on the market.

Why do plumbers like our Simple Sump Systems?

Because time is money! In one carton, our simple sump systems combine an AC primary sump pump pre-plumbed with a PVC Y-connection to a DC backup sump pump, 2 check valves, and a battery case with DC controller. Everything you need for a quick and easy install of an AC – DC system that gives the homeowner basement protection and peace of mind. Now, introducing the ultimate in protection–our latest combo systems, the Simple Sump Minder Systems. Choose from either a 1/3 HP or 1/2 HP primary vertical float pump, connected to our best performing DC pump and controlled by the intelligent algorithms of our Sump Minder control unit. The Sump Minder continually checks for AC power and DC battery health, and runs a self-test of the DC pump and floats every 7 days. Should the controller detect a problem, the auto-dialer kicks into action and sends a voice message to any telephone number you program. Program up to 5 numbers, spouse, a neighbor,  or your plumbing business can receive the voice alert. Check out all our Blue Angel simple sump systems on our web site.

Sump Minder Combo System

Preassembled and Job Ready

Stop by Booth 2472 at the Pumper and Cleaner Expo

Are you planning to attend the Pumper and Cleaner Expo in Indianapolis, IN February 26-28? Make sure to stop by the Blue Angel booth #2472 to see the latest in residential pump products for the professional trade. Look for Tony, Jason or Karen to get a demonstration of Sump Minder™ Advanced Notification Back-up Sump System. This microprocessor controlled DC back-up system continually monitors for AC and battery power, then runs a self-test every 7 days to excercise the pump and floats. Should a problem be detected, the autodialer will call any phone number programmed, up to 5 numbers.  You’ll love how easy it is to install and program, and the home owner will appreciate the peace of mind.


Introducing Sump Minder™

Sump Minder Advanced Notification DC Back-up Sump System continually checks for power, self-tests every 7 days and auto-dials any phone number with a voice alert if a problem is detected.


Introducing a new 12V back-up sump system from Blue Angel, unlike any other on the market. Our microprocessor controlled system checks for AC power, battery status, float and DC pump operation and sends the homeowner a voice alert in advance of a problem, so action can be taken before flooding occurs. Check out our video demonstration.

Plumbers will appreciate the easy to install features, and simple software set up. The DC pump installs in the sump pit, same as a typical DC back-up installation.  Connecting the DC pump, the 3-wire dual float, power, and phone line is a snap!  We’ve made each connection a unique snap in connector so there’s no guessing how it all plugs in. An LED screen walks you through the set-up menus with step by step set up instructions.


program up to 5 telephone numbers for the unit to call if it detects a flood emergency

Our software algorithms check for 17 conditions, and if it uncovers a problem, an audible alarm sounds and screen message appears for less critical conditions. For emergency conditions, like a high water condition, or is the 12 Volt battery needs to be replaced, the system will dial the phone number(s) you program in if you need to take immediate action. Program in up to 5 numbers—the homeowner’s cell phone, a neighbor, or even your business number, if you’d like to be a first responder to a flooding situation.

This product is ideal for home owners who live an on-the-go lifestyle, travel frequently out of town, or maintain a 2nd home. Your customers will appreciate the peace of mind. Check out our video demonstration here, or the product specs on our web page.

Blue Angel Pumps at the ASPE Show

Wayne Water Systems will be exhibiting its professional line of pumps, marketed under the Blue Angel brand at the ASPE show in Charlotte, NC.  The Show will be held at the Charlotte Convention Center from October 29-30,2012.

ASPE, American Society of Plumbing Engineers, Convention and Exposition will host the largest plumbing product tradeshow in the country as well as 30 professional development sessions designed  for plumbing industry professionals.

Come visit Blue Angel Pumps at Booth #159.  We will be unveiling a fantastic new product!


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March 22 World Water Day

World Water Day is observed on March 22 every year.  This day is held to bring attention to the importance of the earth’s most precious natural resource.  Many take freshwater for granted but many cannot.  Think about how many things we do in our daily life that revolves around water, not just water for drinking but cleaning, food production, transportation, power generation, worship, recreation, fire fighting, the list goes on.  Twenty years ago World Water Day was proposed at the United Nation Conference on Environment and Development as they thought about the importance of water.  Below are some interesting facts you may not know as you keep water in mind today. Read More »

Keep Your Sump Pump Discharge Line From Freezing

A sump pump is a key piece of equipment in your home, making sure it is properly functioning is an utmost priority in home maintenance.  In the winter months it is important to make sure your discharge line does not freeze.  Check all connection points to make sure no leakage is present inside and out, if there is a leak this has the potential of freezing.  During warmer months a leak may not be noticeable unless you have standing water around the discharge line.  As temperatures drop down to the freezing range the discharge line could freeze and damage your sump pump.  A pump running and not lowering the water level in the basin may indicate a frozen discharge line.  If the discharge line is visible outside your home make sure water is flowing out of the pipe when the pump is running.  If the discharge line is below grade freezing may occur at the frost line.  If the discharge line drains to the ground make sure there is a sloping grade away from your home.  Water sitting close to a foundation may filter back and run into the drain line to your sump pump causing a repetitive pump cycle and shorten the life of your sump pump. 

For questions regarding your sump pump please visit the FAQ section at: http://waynepumps.com/index.cfm/page/askwayne


Has it been raining a lot lately?

short term rain outlook

Chances are, if you are located in the USA, you’ve seen rain this week. Check out this week’s short term rain outlook from NOAA.  Here at Wayne Water Systems we Read More »

The Holidays Are Over!

The holidays are over and if you are like me, the clean up is the worst part.  Packing up the decorations, tearing down the tree, and lugging the boxes to the basement rank as one of the “humbug” chores associated with this holiday.  While you are putting the boxes away in the basement, take a few minutes to check your sump pump to make sure that it is clean and working properly.

Here are a few guidelines to follow:

1. Fill sump pit with water to make sure the pump is operating.

2. Check to insure pump is discharging water.

3. Make sure the intake of the pump is not clogged with any debris.

For additional information, visit our website @ www.waynepumps.com.


This Pump Made Quite the Splash

Do you read Handyman Magazine? Today’s online newsletter called HANDY TOOL BOX featured our WAYNE Auto On/Off Utility Pump. And, we are proud to have recieved a 100% approval rating from the 39 product testers who tried it out.

Tom Gerstenecker, Collinsville, IL: “A great pump that’s lightweight, has no
float to get in the way and pumps water down to about 1/2 in. deep.”

Matthew Paul, Des Moines, IA:
“It automatically shuts off, which eliminates the possibility that it will
burn up. I don’t have to constantly check on it; I know it will do the

check out Handyman Magazine